The technique class is where it happens for the dancer and dance lovers who wish to reach their potential. It's where new ideas get introduced, recommendations for growth are made, and artistic wisdom gets developed. Always taught by professionals, HNM's contemporary, modern and ballet technique classes are innovative, safe, intelligent, complete, progressive, balanced, musical, respectful, and superbly fun (and many times, funny). Total beginners are always welcome.

Private classes available.


$120/10-class card


These hybrid classes are designed for adults who seek optimum health, fitness, and wellbeing. In one hour you get to experience the best of pilates, yoga, and meditation in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Desirable effects from attending these classes regularly are stronger core, toner physique, greater balance, more flexible, refined posture; it also helps to improve sleep, increase energy, stabilize blood pressure, enhance circulation, boost metabolism... overcome fear, anxiety, hangups... be more comfortable with yourself, others, and life.

Private personal training available.


$100/10-class card

Contact Improv/Open Move

Contact Improv is a natural, smart and fun way to be physically active. It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit. It's great for overall health, fitness, creativity, and life. It’s ideal for people of all ages and walks of life. Participants describe CI as… Amazing, Liberating, Freeing… CI is being practiced all over the world in major cities since the ‘70s… with more and more people experiencing and enjoying the benefits it brings to their daily lives. 

Open Move provides a time and place where movement freedom and freestyle dance are celebrated and encouraged. It's a welcoming, inclusive, and fun atmosphere for everyone... it's where you can dance your heart out, groove like no one is watching, move like the wind... it's also where you can simply relax, listen to great music, stretch, breathe, be... Open Move is for the shy, the bold, the young, the old, the big, the small… it's a body and soul friendly space.

These sessions are pay-what-you-can.


10-Class Card


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This card is good for all HNM classes and gets you discounts at selected local restaurants and other businesses. Valid for three months from first use.